Thursday, 2 December 2010


Not necessarily anything to do with clay...

A space for college related video experiments

December 2nd 2010
First up, typography project - youtube video;

I grow food so I can eat and I swim so I can eat even more! Its a virtuous circle...

... a very basic bit of stop-motion animation, my first attempt and I only had a couple of hours - and then the tripod broke! Still, learnt a lot and cant wait to make the next one... (the best bit is some great music from Brute Chorus)

December 16 2010
Another typography project - this time we were to re-create the story of the owl and the pussycat using just a single typeface which we were given. Luckily we could cut up characters and photocopy them.

... and it gave me another opportunity to try stop-motion This time I scanned in the image and used Gimp to move the owl and save the file a little at a time, replicating taking individual photos. This was much quicker but still took a while - would love to have the patience and time to animate the whole story.

January 02 2011
Another short video, this time of the shadows created by a woven plate. I found the shadow really mesmerising and the more I looked at it the more real and solid it became.

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