Sunday, 16 January 2011


We move house in 2 weeks time so I have started packing up the studio and there will be a lack of posts here until I find a place to unpack and get making again.

My shed has been fantastic - I stole a piece of a vegetable packing shed to use for ceramics and gradually expanded and ended up using most of the space.

Not sure where we are moving to just yet (long story) but we are trying to buy a place nearby which comes with a perfect little garden office which I have my eye on...

natural paints

Saturday, 1 January 2011

textile glazing results

The weave plate with a clear glaze. A bit ugly but intact!

Hessian dipped in Poole Harbour slip much more interesting. I really did not think it would survive the firing and glazing but it has. Amazingly light, delicate and fragile. Exciting to learn that it is possible and I will definitely return to this technique again soon.

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