Friday, 3 December 2010


The freeze continues... I managed about 5 minutes in the shed before giving up... I am reverting to a previously made pot ... it does however fit the topic well...

We investigated typography and graphic design in school this week and are continuing to look at 3d typography next week (travel conditions permitting).

Text is always finding its way onto my pots in one form or another.

The Wanderer is an ancient piece of text, originally a spoken story, probably first written down a couple of hundred years before it appeared in the Book of Exeter in the tenth century and as a spoken only piece dating back to possibly 600AD. The author is not known.

Although it was first written down in latin script, when it was still a spoken piece, runes would have been a common form of writing. I chose to translate the text back into runes. I love the way they look and they are easy to carve into damp clay - runes being an alphabet developed before paper which were designed for carving into wood, stone etc.

I wrote the text as a spiral, starting in the middle. Runic script does not have much punctuation and I preferred the way this allows the text to flow.  It also works symbolically as the text runs out with the edge of the pot (somewhere in the second chapter), suggesting that the story goes on and is bigger than its container.

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