Saturday, 30 July 2011


Just back from a bit of a break - some photos of amazing tiles to add here soon - and I actually have a commission. Unfortunately I plug my old kiln in for fist time since it was moved in January and it is broken...

The commission is for a small sculpture for a wedding present. I am going to send an email to the customer with a couple of alternative pieces that I have in stock and hope either they are of interest or they dont mind waiting a bit.

Friday, 8 July 2011

shadow pots

Each cast pot with its cast 'shadow'

Creating a second set of cast pots from plastic originals. This second set is being left uncleaned with drips and marks. They are also being deformed by hand while still soft. Once biscuit fired, they will be smoke fired. The shadow set was originally inspired by the easterly light in my studio creating new patterns and forms in the early morning. The idea gelled while I was researching potters and came across Jane Perryman and specifically a video she had made about traditional potters in Kluch, India. Thousands of years of pottery tradition are dying out at a rapid pace as plastic replaces ceramic in all but the poorest households. Round bottomed vessels designed to stay upright in sand have no use in modern houses with their flat surfaces and plastic is seen as new, fashionable, hygienic. I hope the disintegrating, blurring, burned set of pots is reflecting some of this change.

Thursday, 7 July 2011


The V&A held an exhibition last year called Shadow-catchers - camera-less photography. I never made it but the pin-hole camera induction at college reminded me to get hold of a copy of the accompanying book. I am still waiting for it to arrive but in the meantime have been trying to capture shadows at home with a conventional digital camera.

I recently moved house to the opposite side of a valley which means that I am now east facing rather than west. This has thrown my perceptions a bit and encouraged me to notice the differences in light between old and new homes. I have lost the amazing evening light and long shadows from facing west and am looking for new ways of appreciating facing east (which dont involve getting up at 5am for the sunrise).

Today, strong intermittent sunlight created vibrant shadows of plants in pots which I photographed against a white paper background and then put through Gimp to tidy up and enhance.

two views of a euphorbia

euphorbia, tree lupin, opium poppy, evening primrose, stonecrop

Tuesday, 5 July 2011


All pots out of their moulds and tidied up, trimmed and sponged.

I am currently erring on the side of leaving all of the pots simple and black to help concentrate on the forms and how they work together as a group.

light from east creating shadows of pots

Electricity has now been laid on for the kiln so I hope to fire as soon as I have a full day free to sit and watch it and ensure it does not burn down my little wooden shed... 
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