Wednesday, 4 April 2012

easter holidays

Two weeks in one place over easter means time to crack on with some pots at home.

After assessing first set of earthenware casts I have selected best shapes to take forward and cast in porcelain. These have now been made and biscuit fired. Next they need sanding with wet and dry paper to make smooth and finally glazing...

...glazing never really been my thing. However, I am trying to challenge that by going back to basics and learning how to make glazes from scratch and only using metal oxides for colour. Based on how much I actually enjoyed painting in the first year when I made my own natural paints I hope this will get me into glazing.

I am following recipes from Linda Bloomfields book and carrying out the tests on spare small cast shapes (if I was making the recipes up then I would use little test tiles). I am also trying a few rim treatments with iron and cobolt for special effects. Hope to fire on Saturday so will see results on Sunday.

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