Friday, 6 April 2012

easter holidays pt2

Extension to enclosed top casts from a few weeks ago - I modified the mould slightly so the cast has a small chimney too. Not sure where going with this but its an interesting side-line at the moment..

These pots are in earthenware and I decided to be a bit more spontaneous with their decoration. I wanted to allude to the grafitti I have seen around Brighton while hunting for litter. Using a feather I have layered different coloured slips, added some transfers and then scratched through everything with a sharp needle. Then I added some wax resist with the feather before dunking in clear glaze. Bit of an experiment! Colours not really me thing. Hope the red and black are strong enough, they look a bit pale on the unfired pots.

Against a while background and with only a little colour showing I am quite pleased with the results. A bit nervous about how it will turn out under a clear glaze...

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