Tuesday, 8 March 2011

text weaving

A college project based loosely on two main inspirations; Chris Marker's film La Jetee - taking forward ideas of memory and recording; and a sycamore wood bowl by Peter Archer in Hove Museum linking Text - Textile - Texture.   

Text; Date of Origin 14th c. from 
Latin texere, meaning ‘weave’. Its past participle textus was used as a noun meaning ‘woven material’, and hence metaphorically ‘literary composition’. English acquired it via Old French texte. Other English words from the same source include context, pretext, subtle, textile, texture and tissue. (source; word-origins.com)

lightbox image of first weave - handwritten text woven between silk threads

layers of text painted with acrylic on tissue paper

tissue paper twisted into ropes and woven on a warp of fishing wire

long exposure shot of finished weave

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