Friday, 26 November 2010


A brief, hectic week back in Dorset where I managed to do nothing with clay at all. However, the past two weeks of textile lessons have given me plenty of ideas for when I have a bit more time again;

. Felting was a real discovery and I can imagine integrating it into ceramics in many ways. First off will be a felt jumper for a pot with some stitched or dry felted landscape lines.

. Weave reminded me of a long-on-hold ceramic project to weave with clay

. sewing onto paper, without the use of thread, to create loads of tiny holes in a set pattern. These could then be used like a stencil with ceramic pigment dusted through the holes (I think its called spolvero)

. using fabric printing blocks to impress details into damp clay. This is something I have tried in the past. On my one attempt, I let the clay get too hard before trying to print and assemble so not very successful but the idea a good one and I will try again when I can give it a bit more time.

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