Saturday, 9 October 2010

wire sculpture

Week two and we are drawing and sculpting in wire bringing to life our cross-contour drawings.

The flat wire drawings can be left in salt water and left to rust, the iron oxide then being used to make a rust print on heavy paper. Could a rust print be done onto a freshly glaze dipped tile? Iron oxide would be a good heat stable stain. An experiment for later perhaps.

I think that the wire sculptures and cross-contour drawings will lend themselves well to ceramic decoration.

A small slip-cast beaker and a small wire sculpture. The idea is to replicate the wire lines on the outside of the pot...

Using sgrafito - a white pot is covered in black slip and then the wire pattern is carved through

Using a paintbrush, black pigment is painted onto the white clay surface. Less successful as I have little skill with a paintbrush and the black pigment spreads over the surface whenever the pot is touched looking messy. Think I will be sticking to sgrafito.

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