Friday, 8 October 2010


First week of college, we are making paper-cuts. A great first project as it translates so easily into ceramics - Silhouettes, slip-resist, stencils etc

The paper cut we made was based on an electrical tape drawing we did as a group exercise;

This picture was taken 24 hours after the tape was put up - It obviously did not stick very well but I kind of like its draping, collapsing quality.


The paper-cut version of the same landscape. The black paper would make a good slip-resist barrier/stencil. Tying this in to my Portuguese obsession, I am making some geometric paper-cuts loosely based on azulejos, using the paper-cut as a stencil to apply coloured slip to white slip-cast beakers.

Problem - sticking the paper-cut to the pot sufficiently well so that when applying colour, it does not leak under the paper...

First attempt; I gave up (ha ha, staying power!) and drew with pencil through the paper-cut then hand painted colour (weak cobolt oxide solution) into the pencil areas after removing the paper-cut. Worked ok but very time consuming and the painted on look not usually my thing.

Second attempt; sticking the paper-cut to the pot with weak glue before sponging coloured slip on. This worked ok, some leaking under the paper but not too much (easy to clean off with a craft knife). Paper-cut still useable for another pot so will try more with this method..

I think that this is an idea that could run and run. I have made up a batch of beakers and now just need to cut some templates and study some portuguese tiles...

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