Friday, 20 April 2012

final glaze tests

Last batch if glaze tests came out of the kiln today. Lots of work to do on the colours and what forms they fit (I tried the tan and the green on some deep bowls - the tan looked awful but the green great).

I used slip casts from a squash bottle lid found on the beach for the tests, each colour was single and double dipped;

As expected some more successful than others. I reworked the green and the turquoise a bit and they are improved. The red is still bad. The pink is terrible as is the yellow but I dont think I would like them however they came out, they are not my colours...

Final iron oxide rim test. Inner pot with old batch of clear glaze, outer with new batch. Both batches seem to perform the same. Both fired to 1260 degC with a 30 minute soak. Previous firings went 15 deg higher which seems to be crucial for maximum running. I however am beginning to prefer the more subtle line and running of these pots as opposed to the last batch 

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