Monday, 9 April 2012

easter holidays pt4

Glaze testing. Mostly glaze recipes made from scratch using oxides for colour. A couple of glazes made by adding commercial stain to ready-made clear stoneware glaze. All are transparent glazes. 

Mixed results. The midnight blue-black is beautiful. The rutile tan yellow is good although the glaze crawled - maybe dust on the pot or may have been too thickly applied? 

The chrome green and pale blue both came out way too dark. My scales cannot measure below 2g and so I guessed the oxide quantities and was obviously a bit heavy handed...

I have a soft spot for the pale blue (commercial stain in ready-made clear glaze). The iron oxide and flux rim quite exiting. May try and combine the two, a rusty rim on a pale blue bowl?

I will be photographing the litter cast pots in the surroundings where the source material came from and want to glaze the pots in a way which will help them to look transformed. Pale blue is a colour rarely found in nature / on the beach which would help to make distinctive photos. The rust rim is beautiful and would help unify the different shapes in the group of pots as well as allude to rubbish, decay etc.

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