Thursday, 1 March 2012


First part of project involves exploring the city and collecting plastic packaging litter, mapping and archiving as I go...

... surprising lack of good litter in centre, I had to walk to the edges of town to find the best rubbish. Three long walks all started out sparse but hit bingo at the city fringes; Black Rock, Patcham Playing fields and Portslade Beach/Shoreham Harbour.

I am creating slip-cast ceramic versions of my finds - modified in some way to maybe create a new use or perhaps to prevent all use.

While walking I took photos to help visually map my routes...

... images which might influence final decoration of the ceramics or may find their way into a book/images that are displayed with the ceramics. I am trying hard to not be too prescriptive at this point and allow the project to develop organically.

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