Friday, 25 November 2011

earthenware firing 24 nov

A visiting friends child (8yrs) had a play with clay over the summer and made some pots. Pretty good for a first timer I thought. I eventually got round to glazing them for him last week. The colours are glaze/body stains dissolved in underglaze medium and painted on. Seriously strong colour. I hope they survive the postage trip to France..

Sgrafitto bulbs glazed with a thick clear glaze. Surprisingly the glaze covers up all of the writing texture making a glassy smooth surface. This is unexpected but fits well with their origins as lightbulbs. Another unexpected outcome is that the text has become much more legible. When un-glazed I liked that the text was virtually unreadable, now when looked at closely it looks more like bad handwriting than random pattern. I left the spare unglazed to emphasise it and I like the contrast here between glossy and matt.

First test cast of kilner jars. Being in earthenware they are thick and not at all translucent but it was a good test and they have cast well (the orange glow on the left is from a candle, hopefully I will be able to compare this to a porcelain cast if todays porcelain firing works). The text on the sides does not show up in the photo but its there. It might be sharper if unglazed?

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