Friday, 26 August 2011

cyanotype experiments

Having got hold of the chemicals to treat paper myself rather than relying on the pre-treated store bought paper I can start really experimenting with this technique.

First thing I am trying is creating negatives of digital photos and exposing them;

treated paper being exposed, negatives held in place by sheets of glass

An exposed image. Not a bad start but not enough mid-tones. That might be the negative or development length. Images can be toned with bleaches and tea which might help.

As above but a bit clearer. I will try a making negatives of a few close up images of greater contrast rather than wide landscapes and see if they are better.

A biscuit fired ceramic tile coated with cyanotype chemicals gave me this print from a skeletal leaf. I dont know how stable it will be (would it survive firing under a glaze?) but a potentially exciting way to decorate ceramic surfaces.

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