Thursday, 7 July 2011


The V&A held an exhibition last year called Shadow-catchers - camera-less photography. I never made it but the pin-hole camera induction at college reminded me to get hold of a copy of the accompanying book. I am still waiting for it to arrive but in the meantime have been trying to capture shadows at home with a conventional digital camera.

I recently moved house to the opposite side of a valley which means that I am now east facing rather than west. This has thrown my perceptions a bit and encouraged me to notice the differences in light between old and new homes. I have lost the amazing evening light and long shadows from facing west and am looking for new ways of appreciating facing east (which dont involve getting up at 5am for the sunrise).

Today, strong intermittent sunlight created vibrant shadows of plants in pots which I photographed against a white paper background and then put through Gimp to tidy up and enhance.

two views of a euphorbia

euphorbia, tree lupin, opium poppy, evening primrose, stonecrop

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