Saturday, 25 June 2011

taking shape

After some more unorthodox fires I now have one of each cast (except shampoo bottle which did not survive the flames and will have to be re done).

I had many decoration ideas but I wanted to do something which helped to tie all the pots together as a group. I prefer to use coloured slips rather than glazes and applying these with a sponge felt appropriately archaic. 'Spongeware' was/is a branch of decorative country pottery which tends to use bright colours and rustic scenes. It is also labour intensive and due to the application method it means that each pot ends up slightly different. I have taken a contemporary spin on this style and stuck with all black slip to both individualise each cast pot and also formalise them as a group. I am still thinking about adding a thin turquoise or red band of slip to each, just a hint of colour to lift them and help them look more successful if viewed individually (the all black approach looks good in a group but the individual pot might look a bit anonymous?).

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