Thursday, 11 November 2010


Not sure where to draw the line between paper-cut and stencils... think they are the same thing, name just changing depending on what you do with them. We played around with stencils in class this week so I am calling this thread 'stencils' from now on.

A great tip I did learn at school was about applying paint to a stencil and how to reduce bleeding; use a dry brush, thick paint in very small quantities and stipple rather than brushing or sponging.

I stencilled some slip-cast pots with a wax solution before dipping in clear glaze - the glaze not sticking where there is wax so leaving a clear, un-glazed area. The wax will burn away and I should be left with white pots of even colour but small un-glazed portions which will only be noticeable by a change in texture. I will then smoke the pots and the smoke should only stick where there is no glaze...

I took a little inspiration from Antje Laidler's charcoal drawings as well as my earlier Portuguese tile beakers, keeping the shapes simple and geometric. The smoking should add an interesting random element.

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